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I had 10 visits with First Fit Physical Therapy & sports Performance due to an accident. I am very pleased with the services that was provided. My therapist was very professional, and she was very focused on providing me the exercises that I needed to get me back to how I was feeling prior to my accident. I graduated her program pain-free. I certainly will not hesitate to recommend any of my friends or family to First Fit.

– Jonathan S.

It was a very encouraging environment and both Julie and Lori were a pleasure to see. For the past five years, I have been doing CrossFit as my main way of exercise and this last November started training to participate in a powerlifting meet. Unbeknownst to me, a back tweak that had happened a few years earlier would become very irritated with all the extra training I was adding to my schedule. It became beyond manageable on my own so I came into see Julie and try to get myself back on track to hit the gym and the CrossFit workouts like I had in the past. With Julie’s guidance and help over the course of just over a month, she helped me gain the tools to not only learn how to reduce my pain when it flared up, but also to gain the strength I needed to get back to squatting, deadlifting, and running without any pain afterwards. It was a very encouraging environment and both Julie and Lori were a pleasure to see a couple times a week.

– Mollie S.

My experience with First Fit was great! I went in due to an Achilles injury from running. Julie was so helpful in getting me back to running safely and quickly. I’m so thankful for her help, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled PT.

– Fiona G.

Last year after I had hip replacement surgery, Julie was my physical therapist. I had just lost my husband to cancer and was housebound most of the days after his passing. Julie was kind enough to provide me with physical therapy at my home so I would be more comfortable. Her expert coaching, exercises, and caring approach brought me back to life. Three weeks after my surgery I had healed enough so that I did not have to have to use a cane and was able to go back to work. We continued the physical therapy with the goal of my resulting an active lifestyle. Now I am walking three miles a day, going to hot yoga, and feeling great. I owe a lot of my success to Julie. I am very thankful that she is in my life.

– Deborah W.

I went to Julie at the recommendation of my podiatrist. I had surgery on my foot and my doctor felt I would benefit from PT. I had been to another physical therapy practice and was not real pleased with them. I was so impressed with Julie. She is very knowledgeable in her practice. She worked out a plan designed for me and I am seeing great results. When you visit Julie she works with you the entire time. Not like some practices where you move from station to station and then the last few minutes of the appointment you see the physical therapist. I highly recommend Julie. You won’t be disappointed.

– Patricia B.

I first reached out to Dr. Lueking after aggravating a previous shoulder injury during a CrossFit workout. As a former athlete, dealing with a recurring injury is frustrating, and time away from activity for recovery can be a challenge. During my initial visit, Dr. Lueking outlined a plan to rehab my shoulder, which included daily exercises that I could perform home and in the gym to strengthen the supporting muscles and improve mobility in my shoulder. Together we worked to identify exercises that I could continue to perform in the gym without risking further injury, as well as movements involving my shoulder that I could slowly incorporate into my CrossFit training as my recovery progressed. Each time I visited the office, Dr. Lueking and her staff were welcoming and friendly, and provided a comfortable atmosphere during my physical therapy sessions. These initially involved stretches and working with bands, but later incorporated exercises performed in CrossFit workouts (such as pull-ups, overhead squats, and kettlebells) to test the readiness of my shoulder for regular activity. It was helpful to be able to describe issues that I was having performing particular CrossFit movements to Dr. Lueking, who was able to make suggestions on how to improve my awareness of my shoulder position during exercises that were giving me trouble. During the six weeks I saw Dr. Lueking for treatment, I saw continued progress in my shoulder and am now able to perform various CrossFit movements at or above the level I was at prior to my injury. I am very satisfied with my experience at Champion Physical Therapy, and would certainly recommend Dr. Lueking to any CrossFit athlete dealing with an injury for help!

– Andrew T.

Julie’s First Fit is not the typical PT clinic that you might have visited, characterized by physical therapy aides hastily setting you up for repetitive exercises, or wiring you to modalities so they can move on to the next patient to repeat the process. Hers is a one person gig of personalized attention, & in my case: expertly delivered manual techniques & customized exercises to strengthen & stretch muscles to relieve joint pain in hips & knees. Julie employed expert interview & listening skills to creatively problem-solve & identify concerning issues specific to my mobility patterns. She applied manual examination methods with ongoing assessment to design an individualized home program that met my goals in 6 sessions. I highly recommend her.

– Deborah C.

Julie and First Fit are incredible. I have done a lot of PT over the years for various injuries – muscles, tendons, rotator cuffs / arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders (pretty much pick a place and I have done something to it). I had a practice I loved but it is out of network and expensive. A couple of years ago, I reluctantly went elsewhere for a stiff neck and had decent, but not brilliant, relief. The same issue returned about a month ago and I was determined to find a network provider that was better than the last round. What I found (with thanks to other reviewers) was amazing. Julie turned out to be heads and shoulders above anything I have ever experienced – including my long-favored place! Within two visits that included muscle and joint work, one dry needling session (a little disconcerting the first time, but so effective!), and a couple of home exercises, she restored a wider range of motion to my neck than I remember ever having. In a way no one had ever approached with me. It was astounding.

I am amazed at how swiftly she identifies and treats issues. She isn’t just highly effective, she is empathetic and super-easy to be around. Her background as a personal trainer is also extremely valuable for anyone who is athletically inclined. She understands the mentality as much as she does the need/desire to simply navigate a day without pain.

Significant pain relief coupled with confidence in her made me realize all the other pain areas I have been compensating for that she can fix, which will allow me to get back to working out the way I like without risking further setbacks. For as weird as it may sound, I adore working with her and am excited by all the progress we can make.

– Carla M.

As a non believer in physical therapy due to past experiences that weren’t very helpful, and felt more like a factory assembly line, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and never thought I’d actually be able to get some serious relief… But… Julie’s approach and commitment, and her depth of knowledge about human body and the mechanics of how it all works is just amazing!!!

Mind you, I was told I needed 2 hip surgeries to be able to get the pain relief I was seeking… Julie was able to figure out that the problem I was having is more connected to the hip alignment and doing therapy with her has helped me with the pain tremendously…

She really takes time to get to know you as a patient and is deeply caring, she listens and remembers and is truly such a wonderful and sweet person… I enjoy our weekly sessions and always look forward to them… Julie is an awesome physical therapist and I can’t recommend her enough!!! I’m super grateful our paths crossed!!! Thank You for all that you’ve done for me Julie!!!

– Milica O.

First Fit is the first physical Therapy clinic which has provided me with real results!! Julie is very skilled in concentrating on the muscles and movements to repair my shoulder and golf elbow injuries. Not only did I enjoy learning different type of stretches but I’m really enjoying being pain free and back to lifting and doing all crazy things. I HIGHLY recommend First Fit for all your injuries strengthening and mobility concerns.

– Alvaro S.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Real Results”

First Fit is the first physical Therapy clinic which has provided me with real results!

Alvaro S.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“So Helpful”

Julie was so helpful in getting me back to running safely and quickly.

Fiona G.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Highly Effective”

She isn’t just highly effective, she is empathetic and super-easy to be around.

Carla M.

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